Aim High Shoot Low

Aim High. Shoot Low.

Experience the Aim High. Shoot Low concept at Ascot!

Aim High Shoot Low

  • Premium Golf Packages, at Low Prices.

    Ascot Golf features many of the world’s most loved golfing destinations – including PGA Tour venues, classic seaside Links and Major golf events. At Ascot Golf, we work closely with our selected partner resorts to offer you the very best prices, upgrades, discounts and other special offers throughout the golfing season.

  • Group bookings for even Lower Prices.

    Ascot Golf is pleased to extend even lower prices for golfing groups. Golf holiday packages are priced for 1-3 persons, with increasing discounts available for groups of 4-7, 8-15 and 16+ golfers. For further details visit the “Group Offers” area of our website and drop our Sales team a line today.

  • High Service, Low Stress.

    At Ascot Golf we consider that your golfing holiday begins as soon as you make contact with our Sales team. Every effort is made by Ascot Golf to ensure excellent service before, during and following your travel. With Ascot Golf providing high service off the course, you can look forward to the unique enjoyment and relaxation from your golfing holidays.

  • Aim High Shoot Low.

    All golfers, regardless of ability share one comment trait. Optimism. It is just not possible to play without it! At Ascot Golf we are pleased to recycle this wonderful gift and wish you the very best in achieving your golfing goals.