Cape Kaliakra

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Cape Kaliakra (also known as Signature Golf Coast) is one of the most beautiful and historic Capes in Europe. Situated close to the Romanian border, it is a favourite stop for tourists looking for pretty sights and interesting historic places to visit north of Varna. The fortress was successively used by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians.

Today there are quite many remains of those ancient settlements, which can be seen exhibited in a small museum. The Kaliakra cape was declared a protected area in 1941.

At Cape Kaliakra, you will find endless ways to fill your days from Golf on three of the finest courses in Europe (Thracian Cliffs, Lighthouse, BlackSeaRama) to bathing in several private beaches to indulging in a pampering massage.

As the sun sets over the coast, enjoy dining in our luxury restaurants or head into Varna for a taste of Bulgaria’s nightlife at our largest coastal city. Then retreat to the luxury of a spacious guest room or our fully serviced Villas, and let your dreams take flight.

Cape Kaliaikra is also home to rare species of sea and bird life. Nearby the Durankulak Lake is famous for hosting more than 250 rare species – fish, reptiles, amphibians, marsh birds and plants.

  Cape Kaliakra
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Thracian Cliffs Golf and Beach ResortThracian Cliffs Golf and Beach Resort

Cape Kaliakra
Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort is the forefront of the golf destination Cape Kaliakra. Also known as Signature Golf Coast, it ...
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